Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare Recruitment 2022-433 Posts

No of Positions : 433
Location of engagement : Coastal fishing/revenue villages of Tamil Nadu

Essential Qualification:
Bachelor degree in Fisheries Science/Marine Biology/Zoology.
If eligible candidates are not available with above qualification, other
graduates i.e., Chemistry/ Botany/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology/ Physics
will be considered. In addition, knowledge in Information Technology (IT)
shall be given preference.

Eligibility criteria
 He/She will be preferably a local person from the concerned fishing
village/revenue village of the concerned Taluk. If no eligible
candidates are available in the concerned fishing/revenue village,
eligible candidates from neighbouring village/revenue village within
the concerned Taluk will be considered.
 Age not more than 35 years (as on 01.07.2022), who has effective
communication skills in Tamil.

The Sagar Mitra will be provided with a performance incentive of
Rs.15,000/- per month.

The primary roles and responsibilities of Sagar Mitras are
1) Sagar Mitras are interface between the Government and
fishers and act as first person of contact for any marine
fisheries related demands/services of fishers
2) To create awareness among the local fishers on various
government schemes and programmes
3) Promote participatory management of fisheries resources

4) Sensitize the local fishers about the Government policies,
programmes and regulations
5) Dissemination of information on weather forecast, Potential
Fishing Zone (PFZ) and natural calamities
6) Create awareness about the hygienic handling of fish,
personal hygiene, healthy living and working conditions
7) To create awareness on sustainable utilization of fisheries
resources and relevant regulation including Code of Conduct
for Responsible fishing, importance of ocean and coastal
ecosystem conservation, prevention of Illegal, Unreported and
Unregulated fishing etc.,
8) To promote women empowerment through alternative
livelihood, post harvest and marketing activities
9) To compile information/data on daily fish landings, fishing
vessels including their entry and exit, fish price and marketing
information and provide such data to the Government
10) To mobilize fishers for training or impart training
11) Perform any other tasks as may be entrusted by the
Department of Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare.
 Last date for receipt of filled in application: 22.08.2022
 Filled in application should reach the concerned Assistant Director
of Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare of the respective coastal
districts concerned.
 List of coastal fishing villages and office addresses are annexed.

Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare Recruitment 2022-433 Posts Click here

Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare Recruitment 2022 click here

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